Crisp Maris Otter Pale Ale 6 EBC maláta 0,1 kg

A legkiválóbb angol maláta nem csak angol ale-ekhez.

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80,00 Ft

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A legkiválóbb angol maláta nem csak angol ale-ekhez.


Crisp Malting Group Malts
Brewing – Finest Maris Otter Ale Malt

The variety Maris Otter was bred by Dr GDH Bell in Cambridge by crossing
Proctor and Pioneer barley. Crisp Norfolk grown Maris Otter is recognised
worldwide as the benchmark barley for the best ale malt. In malting, as with
brewing, the importance and the quality of raw materials cannot be
underestimated. Maris Otter has been grown for malting for more than 45
years and its pedigree and track record of, year after year, delivering
consistent, processable and flavoursome malt is unsurpassed.

The reliability of Maris Otter malted barley quality has allowed brewers to
develop, stabilise and maintain many of the world famous English cask
conditioned ale brands we know today.

Typical Specification EBC ASBC IOB
Moisture 3.5% max 3.5% max 3.5% max
Extract 82.0% 82.0% 309 ldeg/kg
Colour 5.4-8.0 EBC 2.5-3.5 SRM 4.8-7.2 EBC
Protein / TN 8.8-9.7% 8.8-9.7% 1.40-1.55%
KI / ST Ratio / SNR 44-48% 44-48% 39-43%
DPWK / Lintner / DP 140min WK 50min °L 45min IOB

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